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      Ever since I was young I always wanted to be a marine biologist but I would have to choose between that life and a proper family life. This was the closest thing I can think of. We started our journey back in 2003 when I started a 20 gallon freshwater tank that quickly became a saltwater tank. From there we moved on and kept on upgrading to multiple systems. By 2012 we had some tough decisions to make about our financial future and decided I would try to go full time selling corals. It combined the passion for reef keeping and traveling.
     I was a lone wolf back then driving to distant fragswaps sleeping in my Honda Pilot where ever I can selling out of wonton soup containers because we couldn't afford equipment. Every dime we made went back into the business to either get more stock or equipment. My loving wife supported the family with her nursing job for a bit while I was trying to figure out proper logistics traveling with corals. I made many mistakes and learned a ton with each show I attended.
     By 2014 we had our second child and the need for my wife to stay home to spend more time with our kids was great. I needed to increase sale and stock to prove this was a real potential to live on. My wife started to attend show with me to help sell and decrease travel time with two people driving. We were a team and things started moving forward, our name was becoming more known and our customer base grew. We decided to take a leap and both do this full time. She left the security of her nursing job and I dedicated all my time and efforts into this business. All success is not without hardships. Multiple tank crashes, bad shipments, bad weather and a few vehicles going bad, we still strive to make this our main source of income.
     Even today we still struggle with some hardships but this is our passion and we do everything we can to grow our business. We appreciate every new customer we meet and all those who has supported us throughout the years. We have made many new friends and expanded our family and we have it all
Thanks to our Customers!
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